Thursday, August 25, 2011

reaching up :: a repost

Twice in the past week I have read someone's blog and had this post from several years ago come to mind. And honestly, it is on my mind today, so I thought I would share it (or reshare it, I guess).

At the time of the original posting, my grandmother was battling with leukemia. It was about three weeks after her diagnosis and about two months before her death.

From February 18, 2008...

We just returned from a visit with my grandma. The night before we left, a huge storm came through the area. My parents received over five inches of rain overnight. Michael, my cousin, Jamie, and I went back to the pond on their property to check to make sure the water level was decreasing since it was so near the top of the dam, which is not good.

After removing some tree limbs from the spillway to ensure that the water was able to easily move from the pond to the creek, we decided to take a walk by the creek. With the recent drought, the creek has been pretty much non-existent. However, yesterday the water was actually rushing through the creek! It was a beautiful sight and the sound was so soothing.

While walking, I found these two trees growing right next to each other. When I looked up to the sky, the tops reminded me of hands reaching up. I realized that is how I feel. All I can do right now is reach up to God and be filled with His hope and love. He is so good.

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