Friday, August 26, 2011

insta-friday :: week 5

Another week in Instagram photos! And this time I am actually posting on Friday! As I mentioned last week, we we took a little trip this past weekend to Virginia. We spent Saturday in Colonial Williamsburg. We all loved it, but you really need more than one day to experience it, so we hope to go back very soon.

{Who knew the kids would love the hoop and stick game so much?}

{This was our audio enjoyment for the ride home. Fitting since we were in Virginia.}

{The ride home was quite rainy.}

{My girl's drawings of our family and my boy's first diagrams!}

{He loves reading and listening to audio books.}

{She wore this vest everyday this week except for when she wanted to dress like her owl.}

{Roasted sweet potatoes are nothing new, but these were particularly delicious.}

{Possibly the strangest thing I have every seen at the thrift store, and I've seen a lot.}

I hope you all had a great week!

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sew nancy said...

The hoop and stick game looks fun. I wasn't to go to Colonial Williamsburg. I went as a kid but want to back with mine. So sweet that photo of Lucy and the owl.

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