Sunday, August 21, 2011

insta-friday :: week 4

Oops, this week's Insta-Friday is on Sunday. We were traveling on Friday, so I couldn't post. But, I am pretty sure you won't be offended. We have had a full week...

{We finished our first week of school and it was great. There was counting, and coloring, and writing, oh my! And even some Florentine relief in the style of Ghiberti!}

{I am an almond milk drinker and wanted to try making ice cream with it. I found this recipe and it is delicious! Everyone in the family loved it and it has almost no sugar which is a huge bonus!}

{We have popcorn probably three to four times a week. I can't help myself. We started popping our own quite a while back and I will never go back to microwaved popcorn. Throw a little melted butter, salt, garlic powder and oregano and it will change your life.}

{We love listening to audio books on road trips and this one was no exception.}

{We stopped for dinner at Joe's Inn in Richmond, Virginia. It was delicious (Baked Spaghetti-Greek style!)}

{I found this blue wall to be irresistible.}

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Heather from said...

That popcorn and ice cream is looking so good..and no sugar..wha? Cut pic of you and your hubs, too. :)

danielle @ take heart said...

love the recap and LOVE popcorn like that! thank you so much for the congrats on our sweet babes!

lauren said...

um-- YUUM! that popcorn is now on my list. thanks for sharing! :)

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