Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the benefits of keeping the television off

ok, i will admit it...i love television. most nights after michael and i get the kids in bed, i make my way to the couch to see what nugget tcm has to offer. i love classic movies. and although i love summer under the stars where they highlight one actor for an entire day (although i am very disappointed that cary grant didn't get a day this year), i am looking forward to some variety. however, i did manage to get sucked into the la ink marathon on tlc on sunday night. and yes, i will be watching the new episode tonight. why? i really don't know. but anyway, last night i decided that i would not turn the television on, and look what happened...i actually made something! this is the completed book made from the panel that i bought back in march at the quilt shop hop with my mom. it was a lot of fun to make and pretty simple.

the book even has a matching mini book that fits snugly into a pocket on the back of the book. so fun.

of course, this morning lucy wanted me to read it over and over, so i had to be creative and make stories up on the fly. i was entertained and i believe she was as well.
on an unrelated note, i also love southern food, which i guess is expected since i grew up in the south. last night, i treated the family to some pretty tasty fried squash(you just can't go wrong with fried squash). perhaps i will try zucchini tonight.


GardenGoose said...

the little bok is just adorable! and ooh yummy..fried squash. get out the sweet tea and I'll be over for dinner...ha.:0P

Kevin & Stephanie said...

TV off- good for you. I too love watching it and during the fall/winter/spring get sucked into several series (Lost, CSI, the Office, Dancing With The Stars- at least last season with Apollo Ono) We have, however, started TIVO'ing those shows so we can turn the TV off when the show is over and zip through commercials-except for when I tell Kevin "stop, go back, that commercial looks interesting" and he just shakes his head. But I have been thinking about making a HUGE cozy (like a tea cozy) for the TV so that if you want to watch it you actually have to get up and pull the cover off. I want to embroider something on it like: READ A BOOK, PLAY A GAME, GO OUTSIDE, TALK, CREATE SOMETHING. right now my sewing machine is facing the TV right behind the sofa, so I can do both, but once I start crafting/sewing I tune the TV out.

beki said...

Yum! I don't think you can go wrong with fried anything!!
Your little book is too adorable ;-)

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