Thursday, September 06, 2007


so this was supposed to be my post for last wednesday. however, a small thing we call a kidney stone, had other plans for my wednesday, like eight hours in the emergency room. i will not dwell on this, but man, what a summer! so here is my week-late post.

i couldn't wait until we ate this pasta so i could post about it. we bought it at the farmer's market in st. augustine while we were on vacation. is it by pappardelle's. it is delicious and you can order it online. this is the autumn harvest orzo. we also bought the fanciful fruit blend, which the kids loved! now, on to some crafting...

i made this little lamb last tuesday night. it was fun. the pattern is from pattern bee. i always admire how so many of you bloggers are able to take step by step photos of your projects. this was my attempt. just one "in process" photo, mainly because i have never put this many pins in such a small space. am i just to lazy to take more? i don't know. i think i just get so focused on the finishing and i am afraid that i will take to much time trying to make the photos perfect-a feat that is pretty difficult at night.
oh, and i have finally learned the art of yo yo making. it is highly addictive.


GardenGoose said...

hope you are on the mend after your hospital visit.
I like the little lambkin..and I too have been working with yo-yo's..creating a garland for my Christmas tree out of them.
hope you have a good weekend.

katie p said...

So when are you going to start selling this stuff? i'll buy two little matching aprons for my girls :)

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