Friday, October 07, 2011

insta-friday :: week 8

{Meet Jillyboo. She showed up at our house and we cared for her a couple of days before finding her a home. I so wish our home could have been hers. Isn't she beautiful?}

{Our latest artist study was of Raphael. The kids really enjoy the projects in this book.}

{It is apple season! We went for our first visit last week and I can't wait to go back.}

{I agreed to have Reptile Day at our house for a group of fellow homeschoolers. Need I say more?}

{There is a large statue of a bear across from our house. The kids love to climb under his belly. Note the shoes. After the bear we headed to the track so she could run. In a skirt and tights.}

{Craft nights are a little messy but always a ton of fun.}

{Sherlock Lucy joined us for school this week. She said she was solving "The Mystery of the Burglar's Hideout."}

Happy Friday everyone!

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melissa said...

Looks like a life full of fun and adventures!! Hope I can join you guys for a craft night soon!!

The Corner Girl said...

This is adorable! I remember what it was like being homeschooled growing up and learning hands-on about nature - so fun! It's great that you encourage that!

hannah singer said...

ok, amy. i want to live near y'all. craft night looks so fun! also, you could homeschool me, i love art and reptile day would be my fave;)

happy friday, dear one!

Farmgirl Paints said...

uh those big giant snakes were IN your house?? WHAT! you are one very sweet and brave momma;)

kristi said...

i love that picture of the kids peeking through the hole of the bear's tummy. that's priceless. miss you, friend.

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