Thursday, August 04, 2011

busy times

{Funny how the titles of my favorite readers do seem to reflect our life right now}

I have been knee deep in reorganizing and researching for the new school year. Lucy will start kindergarten so I will (officially) be schooling two! Like most years, I find myself tweaking plans at the last minute. There are just so many options! So many, in fact, that I sometimes find myself paralyzed trying to make decisions. I can happily say that this morning I placed my final orders (with the exception of some "extras" that I will order throughout the year)! What a relief. Now just to wait for the packages to arrive and dig in to more planning. Honestly, I love the planning part. I get so excited for the kids!

This is a quick post since I can spy three loads of clothes that are begging me to fold them (not to mention they are all on my bed and I am pretty sure I will want to sleep in it at some point tonight).

How about everyone else? Do you have things that are keeping you busy at the end of summer?


missa lissa said...

My very unorganized cabinets are calling to me, but I'm savoring the last weeks of summer :). My aunt is expecting her second baby this month, so I'm working on little gifts for her. And of course our end of summer Harry Potter reading is keeping the while gang entertained!

Sarah said...

I love getting all the new books. It's so exciting! I get a little anxious too, about all the stuff I wanted to get done this summer before the busy-ness of school starts, but where did the time go? But most of all I try to focus myself on the fresh start and the possibilities of a new year. And I love all the new books! Did I say that already? Because I do!

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