Friday, August 05, 2011

insta-friday :: week 2

Even though I have been knee-deep in homeschool planning, I did manage to take plenty of photos. So here is a bit of a recap of our week.

{Enjoying tomato season}

{Homemade oreos using recipe from here}

{Lucy's first Instagram pic}

{This girl makes me happier than a bird with a french fry.}

{A visit from a dear friend. Her shirt had little owls on it and was so cute!}

{Learning a new song for the violin}

{Watching the rain}

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Kimberly said...

Hi! You liked up right before me so I thought I would say hi! I like "makes me happier than a bird with a french fry" I'll have to use that one ;)
Nice Pics, Have a great week!

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

HHappy Insta-Friday!! LOVE the bird with a French Fry pic as well.Think I might need that print :)

Heather from said...

You and your girl look beautimus in those pictures..also those oreos are calling my name..and I might have to take you up on the sewing lessons. :)

Artsy Momma said...

What a great first instagram! Mine also come out blurry and shaky! Go Lucy!!

Mama Mote said...

I did something similar to the oreos. I used a brownie mix and made cookies instead and then spread the middle with vanilla frosting. Made these for a friend for her wedding reception. The tomatoes look soooo yummy. Love tomatoes. Eat them like apples. Love your pics.

Megan said...

Wow, the Oreos. I think I've lost the ability to form a complete sentence because it's all I can think about. Were they like over the top good or just yeah, they were good? I will have to try those, if you say they were over the top. Love your photos! Your daughter looks maybe the same age as mine? Hard to tell sometimes in a photo though! ;)

Michelle said...

I posted a tomato pic also...I love tomoato season :) I love the picture of watching the rain. Happy weekend :)

Lissa said...

fun pictures! I want to enjoy tomato season too but we had such a cold start to summer my tomatoes are still tiny and green. I guess I won't get very many. it's still fun though!

kristi said...

these are great! i could eat those tomatoes right off the page. mmmm.

so so so so great to see you. please come visit. we are getting an h&m in the fall. is that incentive enough? :)

love you!!

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