Monday, June 13, 2011

weekends are for dancing

Lucy had her first ballet recital yesterday. And we made a big deal out of it. There was excitement in the air...mostly about the recital, but also about making these yummy cookies for the reception.
I must tell you that I have a very shy little girl. Once she gets to know you, she will entertain you for hours. The hard part is getting her to feel comfortable. We started this ballet journey about two and a half months ago. The first few weeks were hard and she was afraid to go to class. There were tears every week. I will be honest with you, I am not a parent who will make a child do something they do not want to do, but I knew how much she loved the class once she was in there and how she would count down the days until she could go again.

I just felt like I couldn't let her give up. Up until two weeks ago, I had to go into her class with her every time. She is just now ok with me sitting in the hall with the other moms, but I have to sit right at the threshold of the door. No, really. Right at the threshold.

But, I know this is a big step for her. She doesn't do well going into new situations with people she doesn't know. I am mostly fine with that, but it can be hard because I want her to experience things that I know she will enjoy once she gets over her fear. I know that this time will pass, so I just have to do my part to help her adjust and feel safe. And let's be honest, having a child who wants to be near you is not the worst thing in the world :)

So, with that said, indulge me in my excitement over this weekend's recital.

{She was so patient while I helped her get ready}

{Pardon the blurry picture...I just love it!}

{Checking the bun height. You know, those cute little crowns can be quite difficult to secure.}

{She loves her daddy.}

{Right before going on stage}

Her teacher took them behind the curtain to the other side of the stage from the dressing rooms when it was time to go on. Lucy had her eye on me and made sure I was walking right with her and then as they got to the curtain I couldn't cross with her. I was so afraid she would panic once she realized I wasn't there.

But, she made it!

And she danced her heart out.

And every picture from the dance was blurry. Every. single. one. Oh well, at least I documented every other second of the day, right?

There was no need for me to doubt her. She is stronger than I gave her credit for. And I know that in order for her to grow, she will sometimes have to go out of her comfort zone. Isn't that true for all of us? I believe so. And I do believe that this weekend, she grew just a little taller.


kristi said...

oh amy i LOVE this post. i ADORE that picture of you and her. so. awesome. she is amazing. and so is her momma. and i have to try those cookies...

Janelle said...

This is a great post, Amy. I love reading stuff like this. It hurts though because I miss you guys so much, and I hate that I'm missing them grow up in front of me like back in the day.

I forget that Lucy is a shy one because she's known me her whole life. I'm so proud of her too. I'd love to see the pictures, even if they are blurry. Bring em when you come visit next.

Way to go Lucy-Lu :)

sew nancy said...

That picture of you and Lucy is great. Congratulations
I am a proud Mama myself because Scarlet also had her first dance recital over the weekend. It was so exciting and she did so well.

mary anna said...

Makes my heart swell and my eyes fill(even though they do not need to!) Makes me think of you at Ms. Cheryl's modeling class! I love you both so much! Only 4 more days!

Sarah said...

It is a delicate dance for us mothers, isn't it? It seems especially so with a shy, reticent child. Letting them face challenges so they'll grow, but not overwhelming them so much they shrink back further into their shell. Good job, both of you!

Lacey said...

Amy, thank you so much for this post! EC has the same personality and I have really struggled what to do about it. I love that she wants me around (and know that won't last forever), but it is hard to deal with the tears sometimes, especially when you know she is really scared. Lucy is so beautiful and I love that picture of the two of you!


Elizabeth said...

Aww, she looks so darn cute.

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