Tuesday, June 07, 2011

catching up

{My sweet boy serenading the passersby}

With the exception of my Easter post and my one last week, my posting has been, well pretty non-existant. And to tell you the truth, that is not the way I want this blog to exist. You know, to sink and sink and then come up gasping for air when I throw it a lifeline like once a month.

In the past few months I have been thinking about the blog and exactly what I want it to look like. I feel that my "taste" in blogs has changed and it has made me look differently at mine. I mean, my taste hasn't changed drastically, more like a smidge. Still, I want this blog to have more purpose or direction or something (as you can see, I am very clear on this mission).

Apparently, when I have all these thoughts going around in my head, instead of continuing to blog, I just freeze with panic. OK, maybe panic is a strong word. But I do freeze.

At times I have even wondered if people even read the blog. (It is kinda hard to read if I'm not posting. Hmm.) But then someone will say something about my blog that encourages me. And I realize people are reading even if they don't comment.

Anyway, I feel like I am about to start rambling. So, I will just cut to the chase. I am back. Hopefully, now that summer is upon us and school is out, I can really try to resuscitate this blog and give it purpose. I know you all aren't dying to read the words flowing from my head, but I still have a need to put them out there. I enjoy documenting life...capturing the simple everyday bits that make it so special.

In an effort to make up for lost time, I thought I would just give you photos that kinda document the past few months. And yes, they were all taken with my phone. The Instagram app is just too addictive and easy to use. But as I type, the battery for the real camera is charging.

{A little thumb war with Grandpa}

{Date night with the most amazing husband and father}

{Learning how to make salves and tinctures with my fellow farmgirls}

{A bit of resourcefulness}

{A whole lot of trips to the library}

{Blooming calendula (good for all sorts of things)}

{My little ballerina waiting her turn}

{Vintage girl wearing a dress that belonged to me}

{Some good ol' Rice Krispie treat making}

Oh, by the way, since I am trying to give the blog more direction, if you think of something you do like about it, feel free to tell me!


kristi said...

i love the top picture of your girl with your grandpa! that is so sweet. and i love that she gets to wear your old dresses. that dress is so gorgeous. i miss you when you don't post, so i'm all for you posting more! even though it doesn't apply to me, i wonder if some people would be helped by you posting what you are teaching? oh, and i've been seeing you post mysterious things about vintage medicine on FB. i want to know what that is all about. ;)

lindsey mcgee said...

I read your blog when you post, although I guess that makes me one of the ghost readers (not writer :)

I think the thing I immediately loved about you when we got to talk that time for lunch (and what I love reading about in your blog) is your counter cultural approach to life. I love it! It makes me think and evaluate ...and decide if I'm doing what's easy because culture says to and because I let my life get to busy OR if I'm looking to God to show me how to best care for my children, husband and household. Don't know if it helps, but that's my two cents :)

Lissa said...

Hi Amy!

loving these here photos! they remind me of the kind I grew up with being square like that. Just blog from your heart and what you're passionate about. The rest will come! You are such a sweetie!

the fabled needle (jen) said...

Your family is so adorable! I'm glad you are resurrecting the blog.

It can be hard to find a unique niche in the blog world and feel excited enough to stick with it. IMO, you should make a list of the things you enjoy blogging about, things that are unique to you, what do you get out of blogging or what you want to give back.

When I think of your blog, I think of your really cute family, homeschooling, yummy comfort food, sewing projects, country stuff. There's also something very genuine and honest about it which I (and I'm sure many others) like.

nikole said...

hello! i love your sweet blog! looking forward to reading more of your words in addition to seeing your lovely photos. adding you to my blogroll now!

thanks for finding me! xoxo

sew nancy said...

Hi Amy

I have to agree with Jen. I like your blog for all the same reasons

I sometimes want to create several blogs to address different things. I find it really inspiring when people can manage to tackle various subjects and yet it all ties together as a whole.

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