Monday, May 17, 2010

scenes from the yard

There was a bit of sickness in the house last week. Therefore, there was not a whole lot of, well, anything going on around here. While the biggest of the smalls, who was under the weather, was napping, I spent some time on the front porch with the smallest of the smalls. While she brought me mail in the form of magnolia leaves, I was reading Summer at Tiffany (which I highly recommend) and enjoying the weather. There were some fun sights to see. The rose above is from a giant bush by our driveway. It is gorgeous and smells heavenly. I cut three flowers the other day for the kitchen and I could smell them before I even entered the room!

We also have a family of purple finches living in one of our hanging ferns on the front porch. I managed to get a quick photo of the new babies. Some hadn't even hatched yet. This was taken five days ago. I want to go and check to see how much they have grown.
We also have this little guy living in our yard. We have a circular drive with a magnolia tree and other flowers and bushes in the center. He can be found there at most any time of day. I just hope he doesn't find my garden! (Sorry for the less than stellar photo. I can't get very close to him and I only have a point and shoot camera.)
And, much like our experience in Atlanta, we have a family of cardinals living in our side yard. They are a busy couple of birds! Here is the female sitting on our fence. The male was just above her in the cypress tree, but he was too quick for me to get a photo.
I have really enjoyed having so many creatures to admire here in this yard. This morning our little rabbit and a squirrel were face to face in the driveway. Too bad I didn't have my camera!

I mentioned that I was looking forward to Kid Clothes Week last week. Unfortunately, with the sickies hanging around, I didn't get around to sewing. Maybe I can make up for it this week!


sew nancy said...

such pretty little scenes from your yard. i love the bird and bunny shots. we have bunnies too.

i wouldn't mind sitting on your front porch with you looking at all this goodness

hope the sickness is gone now.

Stephanie Breuner said...

I am so glad you have found a lovely place to land in a new town. How is their library? I would love to see a full view picture of the outside of the house.

Hope you guys are doing well (and feeling better this week). We miss you.

Cindy said...

I love that you are getting all this nature action right in the heart of the city!

Jessica said...

Your backyard looks like a magical place!

kitchen tables said...

These are very pretty photos! I love the all! I wish I have my garden and a yard.

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