Monday, September 21, 2009

sneak peek through the rain

So, what does one do when it has been flooding for four days? Sew and knit, of course! We have had some serious rain here in Atlanta and it doesn't appear to be moving out any time soon. We are all getting a bit stir crazy, but we are managing to hold it together. We even had free passes to the zoo that we couldn't use this weekend. But, we have managed to watch a movie or two. And, as I mentioned, there was some sewing (above) that needs to be hemmed and taken up before the big reveal. And some knitting (below) that needs a mate before they step out on the town, er, house.
I hope you are all dry wherever you are and, if you have sunshine, please enjoy some for me!


kristi said...

ok, i can't believe you are teasing us with these close-ups. REVEAL! REVEAL! ;)

i love the colors in the knitted whatchamacallit.


Elizabeth said...

I'd give anything for a bit of rain right now! It is over 100 here in the San Francisco Bay Area!!

mary anna said...

Nice work even in the gloomy,wet weather. It brings back "shades" of summer, huh?

Tania Julian said...

Cool. I love the knitted piece. I wish I could have/do/be one.
I wanna go to the zoo... we're holed up. Yawn. Stir-crazy!

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