Tuesday, March 10, 2009

of flying things

This is how we spent a good part of our day yesterday. We are studying airplanes and helicopters, so Larkin thought it would be a good idea to make lots of paper airplanes and gliders and decorate them...outside. It was a great idea. The weather here is amazing. I can hardly believe that just over a week ago it snowed and today it is 80 degrees. Yep.
We also spread birdseed in the yard and took some time to watch our neighborhood birds. Last week, while visiting my family (I always think that I will blog while I am there...who am I kidding?), we spent a lot of time outside checking out the birds with the binoculars (what a luxury!). Well, we came home with the binoculars and we are all very excited that we can now actually identify the birds around us.
While we are on the subject of nature... Sunday, as we were getting in the car to go to church, Larkin shouted, "Woo hoo for nature...that God created!" He is so much fun.

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mary anna said...

Not only is he fun, he is also very intelligent. I guess he is like his papa in more than looks!
there was a third pair of binoculars!

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