Saturday, March 01, 2008


apparently, all it took to get me out of the funk was to complain about it! after i wrote my last post, i took a shower, got out and went to tackling the house. i went straight for the craft room and did a thorough cleaning. then i went into the kids' room and reorganized and from there i cleaned the rest of the house. after the kids went to bed, i was picking up a few items and noticed that michael was moving a chair in the living room. well, that led to us moving furniture and artwork all over the house. we would move one thing which would necessitate moving something else, and we just kept going and going. i feel much better about the way the house looks now. there are still plenty of things i would like to do, but until the budget permits, this is a nice pick me up. in the midst of the rearranging i also inspired to decorate for larkin's party. i am so glad i pulled myself together. i love parties!

thanks for all the encouragement!


asti said...

I think the hard bit is just starting, isn't it ? Once you're going its ok. Well done, you've also given me a little kick to get going too. :)

kristi said...

i'm reading this after just posting about how i have tons to do today, so this motivates me to get going. i LOVE to rearrange. it's completely exhilarating to me. i drive my family and friends who come over regularly absolutely crazy moving things around all the time, but, i agree, it is the perfect cure for the home decorating blahs when you don't have an endless budget to run out and buy all new things!

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