Thursday, March 13, 2008


is it actually almost here? i took this photo this morning in my parents' backyard (i can finally post here as they now have high speed internet!). the butterfly was not shy at all. of course, we had to come in quickly as the pollen here is horrible. when we came in the house, our shoes had a layer of yellow pollen on them. yuck! not to mention what it does to the sinuses. but, it really is worth it to see a little life outside.

we came down to visit with grandma for a few days, however, yesterday afternoon she was admitted to the hospital for some monitoring and tests. we have to take turns visiting, as the kids cannot go into the hospital. in her sweet way while we were getting her ready to go to the hospital, as she was putting on her glasses, i said, "yes, make sure you get your glasses on so you can see how pretty i am." (by the way, i don't think that highly of my looks, i just wanted to cheer her up) her reply was, "i don't have to have my glasses on to know how pretty you are." thank you grandma. this week has been hard as last week we got good news that her blood levels are holding up well, but yesterday they had dropped a bit. about the time i feel like i am dealing with all of this very well, i have a day like yesterday, where all i can do is cry. i guess that is to be expected, right?

well, so you don't decided to stop visiting here due to sad posts...i do have a bit of good news. there is a great giveway here at dana's. i hesistate to tell you about it, because i want to win. but it is so great it has to be shared.

oh, and i finished the easter dress. i am in love with it. seriously. i wanted to get some good shots of lucy in it outside today, but the pollen prevented us.


asti said...

Stunning butterfly...nothing so beautiful here in the UK. Keep your chin up regarding your Grandma....((((hug)))

kristi said...

wow--that photo looks like something from national geographic.

more hugs headed your way from florida...can't wait to see lucy's dress. i think our kids will just have to be ragamuffins for easter since i've been working so hard!

Penny said...

Hugs to you and your family.
Ok, so where do you live that you have pollen so badly? What does it look like? Lastly, I CANNOT WAIT to see that dress!!!

clarissa said...

dear amy,
it was great hanging with you on saturday, you look amazing!!
please post pics of lucy's dress!! will you be at buckhead on sunday???

clarissa said...

you did freak out just a little. i wont hold it against you- im used to it!!! :)

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I'm so glad that God sent you that beautiful butterfly. Sounds like you needed a special moment!

Amelia Plum said...

this picture is amazing and a very fitting harbinger of spring - here it's supposed to snow on the first day of spring, how anti-climatic.

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