Thursday, December 20, 2007

one more to go

i just realized that i haven't posted anything about my christmas decorations this year. so, here is a little treat from my christmas tree.

i finished these two scarves the night before last. they are simple. the one that larkin is so handsomely modeling is his and it is the softest cotton yarn i have ever touched. and i think he looks quite dashing. the red one is for my niece. she wanted a long skinny red scarf. isn't it funny how it doesn't look long at all on this dress form? larkin did try it on and it is long on him so it should be fine on her. oh, and this leaves only one gift left to finish. i am making a rag rug for michael's mom and it is about eighty percent complete. here's to hoping it is complete by sunday, which is when i have to give it to her.


kristi.bennett said...

i'm going to post later about my knitting project. still on the first scarf. we had another girls' knitting night last night; i think it's more about getting together and bonding than about the knitting. anyway, i pulled out all the stitches i had done so far and started over. it looks WAY better this time around. can't wait to show you a picture when i'm through!

and i remember touching that yarn from larkin's scarf at the beach--it IS so soft. it turned out beautiful.

Lacey said...

I love both of them and Larkin looks so handsome! :-) Merry Christmas!

sew nancy said...

sweet scarves
merry christmas

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