Thursday, December 20, 2007

in the mail

so, we left last thursday to see family for christmas. i thought that i would have internet access at some point, but alas i did not. but, it was nice to just be with family and to not be in the craft room for a few days! we had a wonderful christmas and everyone loved their gifts. i will have to post a photo of the rug i made for michael's mom, as soon as i find the cable for the camera that is packed away in one of various containers brought back after christmas. i did manage to send my giveaway package to kristi while we were out of town. i made an apron for her and tucked a yummy smelling pencil and some lip gloss in the pocket.

since i had some leftover pencils and erasers, and kristi's daughter, gillian, just had a birthday, i decided to make a pencil case for her.

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas. i am excited to post some pictures, so i hope i can find that cable soon!


kristi.bennett said...

since you have that fancy mannequin to put your stuff on, the photos turn out so much better. :) by the way that lip gloss smells and tastes amazing! i've been using it every day.

Stephanie Breuner said...

did you get a new dress form?

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