Sunday, November 04, 2007

mixed bag

i love tiny things. i went to an estate sale this weekend at the home of a miniaturist. there was an entire basement full of miniatures. it was quite overwhelming. but, just as i was leaving, i spied a box labeled birds. i love birds. and the thought of tiny birds had me very excited. well, there were no birds. just cages and such. then i saw these two bird nests. they are actually acorn tops. i love them! i tried for quite a while to get a decent photo, and this is the best i could do. (one day maybe i'll have a fancy schmancy camera with a macro lens)

what else do i love? buttons. and i found this treat at a yard sale a few weeks back. the tin actually still has the original buttons, with a few extras. thanks to my friend janelle for spotting it.

and last but not least, this is a baby blanket for a friend. nothing to fancy, but i did want you to know that i have made something recently.

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