Wednesday, March 21, 2012

simple joys

Here in our new town, we live just up the road from the very small local airport. We pass the runway on our way home. Several weeks ago, as we were heading home, we noticed several planes and gliders waiting to go up, so we pulled in next to the runway so we could watch. The kids loved being so close to the planes taking off. OK, so did Michael and I.

We recently happened to drive by when the local skydiving chapter was meeting at the airport and people were parachuting left and right. It was so fun to watch! And all the colorful parachutes made quite a beautiful sight!

A few days later we saw more planes taking gliders up...

It is still so amazing to watch the gliders as they soar through the air without the help of an engine.

Watching these planes and gliders has become one of our favorite things to do. We get excited when we drive by the runway and see that they are out. Last week we drove by just as a plane passed right in front of us to land.

We really are enjoying this simple little joy we have found in our new town. What are you enjoying these days?

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