Friday, October 14, 2011

psych night

I know that my love of Psych is no secret around here. Wednesday was the season premiere so we had a small party to celebrate with friends. And we went with a full-on Psych theme. And wouldn't you know that my camera battery died and I had to use my phone for pics, so only Instagram photos for you today :)

{There is a pineapple in almost every episode of Psych and it is a lot of fun to try and spot it. No Psych party would be complete without one.}

{Our food was based on references from the show, hence our Anna Banana flavored muffins.}

{Alien potatoes getting ready to become a flavor seizure known as Fries Quatro Queso Dos Fritos}

{I saw this idea on Pinterest and used lime kool-aid for the ice cubes to match the theme. Let me assure you, lime kool-aid ice cubes and ginger ale is drink perfection.}

{The spread. Oh, that is a pineapple cheese ball. Delicioso.}

People, it was a fantastic night. Great friends, yummy food and the best show on television. Not to mention, it was a lot of fun to put together. I can hardly wait for next week's episode!

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The Morris Family said...

That drink concoction sounds yummy and refreshing!!! Pineapples make me wanna go to the beach!!! :)

Happy Friday!!!

aPearantly sew said...

I have yet to watch this show, but your party looks like it was fun! I hope you plan on making that drink for our next craft night.

Abby said...

this is so great! we love the show and recorded the new season opener but haven't gotten to watch it yet, so I may have to throw a party together like you did!

hannah singer said...

amy! you're so fun and fancy!
have yet to watch i am even more psyched for psych ;)


Elizabeth said...

What a fun theme party Amy! Last nights show was pretty funny, but then again when it is not!!! I love that show so much.

Stephanie Breuner said...

This is too funny. Kevin and I just finished watching episode 2, "Last Night Gus", on Hulu and I turned to Kevin and said, "I need to email Amy and tell her that we need to re-watch this episode with Amy and Michael when we see them in December". What a hilarious episode!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe I have not showed this to Lydia yet!! That will be on my to-do list for tomorrow! I love it all...especially the Anna Banana muffins! ;)

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