Friday, September 23, 2011

insta-friday :: week 7

So, I skipped a few Insta-Fridays. Oops. Don't worry, I won't share every photo that I would have posted had I been keeping up, but some of these are a couple of weeks old. Indulge me :) We have been doing artist studies with our history lessons. The photo above was taken during one of our Da Vinci lessons.

{Bird mapping. We love using Apologia's Flying Creature's of the Fifth Day.}

{Nature study with a house centipede we found on the back stairs. Eek!}

{We have consumed more marshmallows in the past couple of weeks that I care to admit.}

{The kids have been taking part in an electricity class with some fellow homeschoolers. They love building batteries and circuits!}

{A little road trip with the family may have involved singing Yankee Doodle to entertain ourselves while we were stuck in traffic.}

{The first banana bread of the fall.}

{Our study of Michelangelo involved seeing what it would be like to paint on a ceiling. In our case, the ceiling was the underside of the dining room table. I use this book along with our history for activities related to each artist. I highly recommend it.}

{The Smalltown Poets Christmas record has been mastered and we are really excited. Lucy was listening to it with Michael in his office/studio/library that we dubbed "Christmastown" during the recording of the album.}

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Melissa said...

I've been looking into homeschooling b/c I have a ton of friends who are going to do it. I hand it to ya, it's not easy. Found you through Life Rearranged =) Happy Friday!

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

Love all of the kids drawings... and how creative are you. To let them draw under the table.. That's awesome. Can't wait to hear the CD.

Tiffany said...

Great photos. Found you via InstaFriday. You seem like a busy Mama. Love the marshmallow pic! Food gets me everytime!!

Stephanie said...

Love the michaelangelo idea!! Such a great hands on way to learn!

Alicia said...

hey there! THANK YOU for the encouragement today in my comment section. i really appreciate it. i'm following along with you of the two people in NC i "know." ;)

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