Friday, September 02, 2011

insta-friday :: week 6

It has been a beautiful week here. We have had a teeny bit of milder weather, so I am now itching for fall. Who's with me? Anyway, here is our week in review in Instagram photos.

{Any other mothers of daughters find that these are everywhere you look?
I really don't mind though because I find they are so very cute!}

{My little helpers for the surprise cookies}

{Friends came over one night with a soft pretzel recipe.
Have I mentioned my soft pretzel addiction? These didn't help me overcome it.}

{A little chalk art to help the kids remember Columbus sailing the ocean blue.}

{My new necklace from heather's happys. It does make me happy, as does Heather's blog.}

{We are studying this (we love this series) and Lucy loves to draw while I read from it.}

{My sweet fella helping me with a surprise for his little sister.}

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Mandy said...

I love, love your necklace!!

The Morris Family said...

pretzels look Y.U.M.!!!! and i think i am am needing a chalkboard, i see them everywhere!!!! :)

Jennifer said...

words their way word study curriculum might be a useful addition to your homeschooling curriculum.

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs said...

Too cute! I can totally relate to the Pet Shops! We have them EVERYWHERE underfoot here! ;)

Heather from said...

Ok. your kids are soooo cute, truly. Annndd, your necklace is lookin' super good on you;) thank you & love you friend.

Lauren said...

Stopping by from Life Rearranged and those pretzels look amazing! Have a great weekend.

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