Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my midweek view

Today has been a pretty quiet. The kids are content to sit in the schoolroom and build Lego creations to use with Littlest Pet Shop animals. They can sit quietly for hours and build with Legos. It really is astonishing.

Of course, they also get out every spare container and book to build houses, or sometimes kingdoms. Oh, the stories I have heard told between the two of them about what they are building! I love when tales from our history lessons make it into their play time!

Today I am enjoying my view from the school table where I sit and try to finish up some school plans. (And blog, obviously.)

I did have to get up and sneak this photo. What is it about little hands holding tiny treasures?

I would love to say that my workspace at the moment looks a little better than the floor, but as you can see, that would not be very truthful.

{Where does all of this stuff come from?}

{What? You don't have a bowl of monsters and lima beans at your house?}

{What? You don't have a jar with a dead cuckoo wasp at your house?}

Although my view may seem chaotic, I am actually finding myself quite peaceful and content. I hope everyone is finding their midweek view to be a pleasing one!


Sarah said...

We have jars of dead bugs around, but no bowl of monsters and lima beans. We really need to get one of those.

Heather from said...

I have the dead ones in the windowsill.. they just kinda sit there until I finally get tired of looking at them..:)

Janelle said...

I have a bowl of unwashed pumping parts!! And a bowl of clean baby bottles. Not as exciting as Lina beans and monsters. But I bet you $100 I will one day. Love this post and the pics. Miss you.

sew nancy said...

Great photos. I made a skirt similar to the one Lucy is wearing for S a while back. Also, Matty loves the cuckoo wasp

mary anna said...

Love the post! I miss "yall" so very much!

Elizabeth said...

I love the pictures of the kids playing. That was my favorite thing to see in the summer, when my girls would play together, and make up wild stories. It usually involved legos as well. My favorite was when they decided to do an entire wedding for the barbies, and made the wedding dress. They decorated the whole end of their room with tissue flowers and everything. It was so darn cute!!

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