Monday, August 15, 2011

first day of school

Our first day of school is in the books! I am now officially homeschooling two. My baby is now in kindergarten. How did that happen? And I have a third grader! Oh, and the picture above? We don't have any apples, but we do have some lovely Asian pears for the teacher. (And hey, I'm not complaining!)

{My sweet peas}

{It doesn't take long to get silly}

{And even sillier}

{I really can't believe she is now in kindergarten}

{About to take off running}

{Too cool}

{Pointing the key thingy from the old doorbell on the door}

{Did I mention she is in kindergarten?!}

{She was so excited this morning!}

We took dozens of group photos. Why is there only one in which we are at least all facing the camera? This is normal, right?

I know this post is short on words, but I am exhausted! Last night I went to see The Help with a group of friends and I got in bed too late! But, it sure was worth it. I loved the book and the movie is fantastic! But now this mama/teacher needs some sleep! I hope your week is starting off as fun as ours!

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Bethany said...

You're kids are so cute... and I totally understand getting (or maybe I should say not getting) a picture of everyone facing the camera. I have another year before our 1 kid school house becomes officially two, but I'm trying to easy into it this year with a little pre-k stuff. Hope your year goes well.

BTW, I love your screen door... it goes very well with your front door which is very similar to mine... I may now have to convince my husband to buy a new one for us!

Courtney Walsh said...

oh my goodness!! have a BLAST with your cuties! Looks like a great start to the day! :) And I LOVED that movie, wasn't it amazing? I want to go see it again!!

Definitely worth the late night, I'm sure! :)

danielle @ take heart said...

they are precious :)

Sarah said...

Yay! Love how you took the first day of school pics outside the front door... even though you aren't going anywhere. We are starting on Labor Day; it seemed appropriate.

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