Wednesday, January 12, 2011

christmas revisited week :: what happened?

New rule around here: I will not say what/when I am going to post on this blog. It seems that every time I get a plan together for a particular post and then mention it here on the blog, something always comes up and I don't do it. Remember, when last week I was going to do a Christmas revisted week? (Probably not since I have lost so many readers due to my flippity floppity posting routine.) Well, I actually sat down and planned the week out in photos. I was proud of myself. Unfortunately, one of the smalls got sick and I somehow managed to get even further behind on household responsibilities.

For those of you who are still coming by the blog to visit, thank you. And since nothing blog-worthy has been occurring around here in the last week, I am going to make you look at a couple of more Christmas pictures. I could let them go, but some were quite fun for us and I want to share.

Of the utmost excitement was the fact that this was my first white Christmas. Growing up in the south did not lend itself to many encounters with snow. I think it snowed one time when I was growing up. And then it was only enough to dust the ground. So, we were all thrilled to wake up to snow on Christmas morning.

This week we got more snow and have been mostly house bound since Monday. On the up side, after a day and a half of back to back loads of laundry, I can finally say I have caught least with laundry.

The week before Christmas, I bought some of these from Bake it Pretty. The actual store is only a short drive from home and well worth it. It is such a fun place to visit! The lollipops were a huge hit with the family. I think my grandpa looks splendid...

And my personal favorite...


Fiona G said...

WOW, Lark looks EXACTELY like your grandpa!!!
and how many seconds till Gypsy ate it?!
Glad to see you are traveling down there a bunch,
:) Fi

the fabled needle (jen) said...

a white christmas, how wonderful!

your grandpa looks just right with that moustache. :)

ok, so i've added your blog to my google reader. i thought i had already but i guess not (plus i had just started this google thing, was using another service before). anyway, i won't miss a beat now.

christalena said...

i love the chocolate mustaches! so fun. i love even more that your grandpa is playing along. :)

Kristi said...

Love love love those staches. Your grandpa the hipster! ;)

Jealous of your snow but not your sick wee ones.

Hugs. And ps. Come visit.

Stephanie Breuner said...

Hey, I bought that same moustache chocolate mold a couple years ago from Bake It Pretty and made my own lollipops! So cool that you had a white Christmas.

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