Wednesday, October 06, 2010

checked out and returned

I am not really sure where the weeks have gone. Somehow, without meaning to, I have unplugged a bit. I do know that I have been busy, even if I don't have much to show for it. Inspiration left me for a bit and I haven't felt much like writing about anything. I haven't been keeping up with my usual blog reading either. It is funny how I can feel so inspired reading about things other people are doing and then sometimes, when I am already feeling completely uninspired, those same things can make me feel quite inadequate. Tell me I am not alone here.

During this blog "time-out" I have had a lot of time to revamp our homeschool days and I am really enjoying where things are going and how much smoother our days seem to be. I have also focused on getting some of our household chores under control. Does anyone else find that sometimes, out of nowhere, the house seems to explode...laundry piled high, toilets needing to be scrubbed, the dog seems to shed at least three small animals and the kitchen seems to breed dirty dishes? And then you go out of town for two days and even though no one was home, somehow there are more things to clean when you get back? Well, I am happy to report that I have gotten it back under control and I am beginning to feel like myself again.

Over the weekend I finally got some inspiration and have something fun to show you, but at one of the smalls' soccer games on Monday, my camera was in the bag with a leaky water bottle and it soaked up a good bit of water. I am still letting it dry out, so no new photos to share, hence the random photo I took earlier this summer.

And just so this post isn't completely useless, I thought I would share a random list of loves with you. A list that doesn't warrant a post on its own, but needs to be shared.

Cameo apples :: I sure do enjoy living in apple country. If you haven't tried a cameo, go do it right now.

Flower Patch Farmgirl :: I found Shannan a few months ago and have been completely smitten with her blog. She is funny and she is real. Check her won't be disappointed.

Library book sales :: We just had one here this past weekend. A room full of books at $3 a bag? Or if you are lucky, $1 a box! Yes, please. This link has a list of them!

Goat's Milk Soap :: I just discovered this when we moved to North Carolina. The link is a local farm that sells it and they are so great! The Strawberries 'n' Cream is unbelievable. It is by far the best thing I have ever used to wash my face.

Simplicity :: No link for this. It is what it is.

I hope to be back soon with a dry camera and a bucket full of inspiration!


Elizabeth said...

I feel the same way right now. I can't really do any sewing at the moment, because of my space being used as a storage spot for a week or so.
I feel as If I'm on a bit of a time out as well. If it weren't for my birthday, I wouldn't have anything to add to the blog world at the moment. Hopefully this will change.

sew nancy said...


I do now exactly how you feel about the house exploding. I'm working on 3 loads of laundry but, thankfully all the deep cleaning was done over the weekend.
Having a house is a lot to keep up, add little ones that you are homeschooling too. That's a lot!

A little time out is good.

I'm very curious about the Cameo apples. I'll have to see if I can find any. We eat a lot of apples here.

Hope your camera is good to go soon and that you have a nice weekend.

the fabled needle (jen) said...

i hear you. sometimes an overload of inspiration has the opposite effect. it's good to step away!

i'm intrigued by the goat soap - you can really use it on your face? i never knew. i might have to try some out! :)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Hey, thanks, Sweets!!

I have been whining to Cory off and on about my lack of inspiration. Must just be the season? It's definitely a good reason to unplug and decompress.

And I've never even heard of Cameo apples?????

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