Thursday, September 02, 2010


The smalls and I just returned from visiting my family. We discovered the joys of audiobooks on this trip. You have to do something for those six hours in the car. Our library has an amazing selection! On the way down we listened to Nancy Drew and on the way back we popped in Little House in the Big Woods. Such a great way to enjoy books!

On our first morning there, we had breakfast at one of my favorite spots. It is called Bobby's Treat Shop. Did I have you at "Treat Shop?" (By the way, I may have also eaten lunch there and possibly breakfast again on the day we left. But who's counting?) We happened to park by my dream car. A Chevy Bel Air. This one was a '57. While I wouldn't turn it down, I really want a '53. And in case you are wondering, yes, my knowledge of cars ends here.

We also enjoyed some time in my parents' yard. I know this may not seem like a big deal, but they have the biggest greatest yard ever. There are endless opportunities for exploring. It is a shame that I have such bad allergies. We started out the day going around and examining all the various types of mushrooms that had popped up. Here are my two favorites.
{This guy was no bigger than an acorn. Cute!}

{I love the shape of this one and the perfect little pleats around the top.}

We also examined the muscadine and scuppernong vines very closely as well as the pear trees. Speaking of muscadines and scuppernongs, yesterday morning before we left, my grandpa went out and picked at least two gallons of them for me to bring home. He is so sweet!

We then enjoyed a picnic under what I call "my tree." It was the photo in yesterday's post. When I was a little girl, I would load up my lavender Jordache backpack (it had the horse on the front) with art supplies and I would go in our front yard to the little oak tree to draw and craft away. When I told the smalls about it, they immediately wanted to have a picnic there. So we did.
{Lucy took this photo of me and my mama at the picnic.}

I also got the chance to go out with my sisters one night. Good grief. I sometimes forget how crazy they are. I will spare you the details, but trust me on this one. Here we are at another of my favorite places, Danny's Pizza. It happens to be across from Bobby's Treat Shop. That street has it going on!
My sister Michele (on the right) asked my sister Fran (in the middle) if she thought she could fit that Frostie sign in her purse. Would you believe that is the mildest of the craziness? After dinner we went to watch Eat, Pray, Love and we had the theater to ourselves. My sisters in an empty theater. Crazy. And for the record, we did not use our purses to sneak in candy. Nope. Wasn't us.

I love my family and every chance I get to spend time with them. Is it possible to have two "Home Sweet Homes?" I think so.


sew nancy said...

i've no idea what scuppernongs are? Did I spell that right?
Oh, you had me on the Jordache lavender backpack.
I had the lavender purple leather purse on a long string and the strings would break and then I would go get another down in the center.
Sounds like a great trip

mary anna said...

Miss You! Miss You! It was a great visit and I love the photos! Sorry about no exciting successful"armadilla" hunt!

kristi said...

i love this post, especially the adorable pictures of YOU! but that mushroom. oh. and the car picture at the top. very cool perspectives. the mushroom looks straight out of "Alice." xo

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