Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i'm over here

At any given moment this week you can find me under a pile of homeschool books. If I'm not there, look and you will find me in a dark corner hunched over my computer with a wild look in my eye as I try to find the very best deal on each of the books I have left to order. People, I have it down to the penny. Just go look at my spreadsheet. On second thought, don't. I'm not even sure it makes sense to me. And let's not get started on my process for planning out the year. But you know what? I absolutely love it. I can hardly wait to get started this year.

If I am not under a pile of books, or hunched in a corner, you can find me if you look for the blur going through the house as I prepare for a visit from a very special lady. My friend Cindy and I decided that when we moved here with our families we had to start our own Mary Jane's Farm chapter. And tomorrow is our kick-off meeting. We are calling it Simply Farmgirls. We are so excited that Mary Jane will actually be here with us! We are going to have a blast...I just know it.

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Stephanie Breuner said...

Wow!~ That sounds awesome: Simply Farmgirls!

Once you've slowed down (a bit) let me know what books/curriculum you decided on. I am always interested.

Happy New School Year!

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