Saturday, April 10, 2010

a bit of ancient rome

In our homeschool, I am currently teaching my favorite part of history: Ancient Rome. I don't know why I love this time period so much. Perhaps it is because in school I loathed history. Really loathed it. That is with the exception of the history that I learned in my Latin classes. I had an amazing teacher and he went beyond just teaching the language. He immersed us in the culture as well. (The funny thing is that history is my favorite subject to teach now. That is probably because I didn't learn it the first time around!)
In college I continued to take Latin and my first professor was quite quirky which was always entertaining. He would constantly switch between his sunglasses and his reading glasses while lecturing. Then in my final class I had to translate this. I just noticed in looking for that link that there are English translations available online now. We barely had internet when I was in that class. I wonder what they have to translate now. But, you don't really care, do you. Anyway, I digress.
I checked out this book for Larkin this week and we found a recipe for dates stuffed with pine nuts, rolled in salt and then fried in honey. We were instantly intrigued. I made them this morning as a treat. Michael and I like them, Lucy refused to try them and Larkin is still a bit suspicious of them. But they made a lovely photo, so I decided to share. Have a great weekend!


Katie said...

I hated history too, but Ancient City Rome was the best class I took in college. I love history too. Have you heard of the Story of the World history series for kids. I think they are most used in Classical Christian method. Really cool.

sew nancy said...

I think teaching history and immersing children in the culture is a wonderful way to learn. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job and I could see liking history a lot more now then when I was in school.
Happy Birthday ( a little late)

Anonymous said...

I was a medieval studies minor and love to make recipes of the day! I've never made anything so old. Frying in honey is very intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

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