Thursday, April 23, 2009

earth day

For Earth Day yesterday, we visited to the Georgia Aquarium (the world's largest, by the way) for the first time. They kids received annual passes for Christmas, and Michael and I just got around to buying passes for us (they were finally on sale!) It is kind of embarrassing to think that we live only a few miles from the aquarium and it has been open for almost a year and a half and we are just now going. Better late than never, right?
Well, we all loved it! I am thinking that I might just go a sit by myself a few times a week and stare at the jelly fish (I guess I could call them sea nettles now that I know their proper name.) I was so mesmerized by them! I made the kids go back several times to look at them. They were very calming. Which can be quite nice, ya know?

I am looking forward to taking the kids pretty often now that we all have passes. There is so much to see and do. And while we are talking about nature, two days ago we discovered that one of our neighborhood robins has a nest of baby birds in our front yard. We watched her go back and forth collected food for them. It was so amazing to watch their sweet little heads pop up when she would return to the nest...
She would feed them so fast, it was almost impossible to capture. And today I discovered that we have a nest of baby birds in one of the eaves of our house. Apparently the birds are taking over. You all know I love long as we don't turn into a Hitchcock film.


sew nancy said...

love the sea nettles (now that I know there name too) and the robin's nest is amazing. I love robins eggs and birds in general too.
Last year we had a bird feeder out and our property did turn into a Hitchcock film so we took it away. I felt bad but it was kind of insane

madrekarin said...

The aquarium is one of our favorite places to go, too. I think the Beluga whales are my favorites, with the jellyfish coming in a close second.
Your robin's nest photo looks like it came right out of a children's book! How lucky to have something so sweet so close by.
I was up in your neck ofthe woods today, teaching sign language at GPSN for Angie. I have five mroe classes to etach and hopefully they will know a little sign language. ;)
Have a great weekend.

kristi said...

those pictures are great! i can totally see how you would want to watch those sea nettles (now that i ALSO know their proper name...haha) all day. very serene.

for our earth day we went to honeymoon island and i found a laminated bird guide (like a four-fold pamphlet) for FREE! i'm so excited. we have the strangest birds in our area, i guess b/c it's so tropical, so it's nice to finally have a way to identify them.


mary anna said...

Nice photos---thinking of Hitchcock thrillers gives me chills.

LollyChops said...

RonChops and I want to go to the GA Aquarium soooo badly! We used to keep a salt water tank but it got to be too much! I bet that was super cool!

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