Thursday, December 04, 2008


my name is amy. this is my blog. my neglected little blog. wow. i let a good bit of time pass since my last post. you are probably thinking, "here she goes again with another 'where did the time go' and  'i'm going to start posting more regularly' post. and you would be right. and i hate that. not that you are right, but that i am indeed posting one of "those posts."

i feel like i have been in a whirlwind lately. not really lately, but for a few months now. but in a good way. homeschooling takes up a lot of time (as it should) and i love it, i just haven't quite figured out when to craft and blog on a consistent basis. but bear with me, i think i am getting closer. hopefully i will have it figured out in like a day because once again i am participating in handmade holidays. i did it last year and it was awesome! if you care to see my efforts you can peruse the november and december archives from last year. i haven't started on our gifts this year, and that needs to change asap. so hopefully this blog will be more consistent with all the gift making frenzy that will be our house for the next few weeks.

ok. if for no other reason, i have to keep up with blogging to keep from having to post another blurry photo of me saying "hi" with no makeup on and my hair in a mess. i have just discovered that i need to work on my "looks." for one, i looked worried in every shot i took.0 including this one. what is up with that? oh, and why, when i tried look like i think i would look when saying hi to someone i haven't seen in a while, i looked smug? geez. so, try not to laugh too hard at my photo. ok, go ahead. you can laugh.


Rich Stephens said...

Actually, I wasn't thinking "smug" when I saw the photo - I was thinking "apologetic", as in "Hi, sorry I haven't been around in a while!" Glad to see you're back! :)

sew nancy said...

hi amy
you look like you are saying something like
what's up here although i'm not sure you are the kind of gal who says that.
anyway you are doing handmade holidays again- that is great

barbara said...

I thought it was a pretty cute photo!

Stephanie Breuner said...

Good to hear from you! Hope your Advent season is wonderful.

Don't pile on too many handmade projects and freak out. I keep crossing things off my list-not because I have finished them, but because I am not going to stress about not having enough time to work on them.

have you seen this website for relational gift giving ideas?

Love ya!

deborah said...

Miss seeing you all. But I know you have to get busy with "my Christmas gift" HO HO HO. Enjoyed your visit so much. Love to all.
Aunt Deborah

mary anna said...

I agree with Rich--an "apologetic" look. and with Steph--don't stress yourself with too much "making"! Well my 2 1/2 year project is finished. Maybe you can make a doll quilt for Lucy with the ton of scraps left. Love ya!

fi said...

hehe, hi:)

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