Monday, December 29, 2008

happy holiday monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a week filled with fun (even though it was 80 degrees!) Some highlights were a movie, a trip to town with just me, my grandpa and the kids (that was a blast!), lots of baking (and eating) and just being with family. It was very relaxing...surprisingly.
I was all ready to post this morning with lots of new photos (including some of my amazing haul from freecycle). However, I was sorely disappointed to find that I left my camera cable at my parents' house. Fortunately, I have a few photos to hold me over until my mom mails it. I mentioned that I had a couple of gifts that I couldn't post until after Christmas. Here are a couple. I made two items for my Aunt Deborah. A pin cushion...

And a crochet hook clutch...(I found the pattern at Craft Leftovers)

I want to make one of these for my knitting needles. I am in desperate need of one. My needles are all over the place!
Have a Happy Monday! I plan to since the refrigerator is stocked, the laundry is done, and my house is all clean...even the sewing room! Oh, I forgot to mention that Santa brought me this for Christmas. Who knew that digging up fossils, picking cherries and having pink hair and an orange gingham dress could be so much fun? I am totally hooked.


sew nancy said...

happy holidays amy!
i'm in need of a knitting needle case too
glad you are enjoying these days

Elizabeth said...

Happy new year Amy, Can't wait to see your holiday photos!Your gifts are darling.

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