Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the good one

yesterday my four-almost-five-year-old decided to pull out these blank wooden circles to paint. he refers to the above piece as "the good one." he brought it to me yesterday and what follows is the dialogue between us...
larkin: mom, the black dots are acorns.
me: what are the brown ones?
larkin: acorns (very matter-of-factly)
me: what are the green ones?
larkin: acorns (also very matter-of-factly)
me. ok. what is the purple?
larkin: that is just to make it pretty.
he must have heard that purple is the it color this season.

in other news, this week is filled with preparations for his birthday party this weekend. he wants a pinata (a race car pinata at that) at the party. can i just say how awesome it is when said birthday party falls shortly after valentine's day and the candy is ninety percent off? such a sweet deal. 


Bitterbetty said...

The fact that you know that purple is the it color of the season means that you are super cool and definitely BFF worthy. Now, if only Georgia were closer!

acorns. heee. they really do come in brown black and green too.

kristi said...

what an awesome painting. watch out picasso. and i cannot WAIT to see a photo of this race car pinata.

Jamie Zwemke Stephens said...

Amy, you have an artist on your hands!

Rich has a blog now too!

Let Michael know. Thanks!

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