Friday, February 09, 2007

taking it easy

gypsy is taking it easy, which is pretty much what has been going on around here this week. we have been doing quite a bit of cleaning, purging and repurposing around the house. we took loads to the consignment shop and thrift store today and did a bit of grocery shopping at the farmer's market. i was hoping to complete my new sewing/cutting table tonight. for some reason, i have to cut fabric standing up. i currently use a dining table from the 50s, but that can be hard on the back when you are cutting for a while. we are going to take the legs off of the dining table and attach the top to some new trestle legs that are adjustable. i am so excited. i am really itching to get sewing. especially after seeing this over at tumbling blocks. oh, did i mention that i have a cracked rib? yeah, it's great.


Beemoosie said...

Hope you get to sew soon, those kitties are sweet? How on earth did you crack your rib? Ah! I just spotted that you are a Cary Grant fan, me too! I watched The Philidelphia Story last night! One of my faves!
Take care!

Kevin & Stephanie said...

Gypsy-so cute
Personally, my fave Cary Grant movie is North by Northwest

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