Sunday, January 14, 2007


meet millicent. she sorta guards the front entrance to our house. i bought her several years ago after searching for a dress form for what seemed like an eternity. i just happened upon an antique store one day, and when i found her, i got a price in my head and went and asked the salesperson how much she costs, he promptly called the owner, and whatta ya know, the exact price! easy-peasy. when she first joined the family, i would get startled every time i saw her silhouette in the dark. fortunately, i have gotten used to her presence. these days, she is a great temptation for 14-month-old lucy to spin.


Rachel Whetzel said...

I love her! Thank you for the welcome at Mary Jane's Farm! I've already wasted my morning there! LOL well, off to get some things done so I can go get compost later today!


jen said...

she is lovely. i need to think of a name for my dress form too - i was thinking of liette. that's the name i gave to the crocheted "powdered" wig i made. :)

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